Originally I am not very involved in overseas trips but it is always dome...

I love to travel.

I love to travel. Overseas, I went to Korea / France / Bali. Since I can feel and see the atmosphere and culture different from Japan, I would like to visit many more countries. However, I love traveling more in the country. After all, it is safe wherever you go, and there is security that you can communicate with words. In abroad, it makes me feel uneasy somewhere. Even though it is domestic, there are many places that I have not done yet, and I admire that Japan is deep. As the seasons change facial expressions, there are places where you feel history, there are towns that are evolving each time you go, such as new places of interest, so it is still not enough to travel. Also, to go abroad, you have to travel long distances by airplane or ship. However, in the case of domestic, it is also attractive that you can go out easily with cars, trucks, bus hikes, trains and so on. It is nice to hear a bit of fatigue into a hot spring.

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